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Welcome to the page of my theory. In German it's called absolute theory, but in English the name is divine theory, for it sounds better. Everyone is invited to buzz and boost modern physics. In physics things are going on, so there is no point of having learned all. When you're searching for special sites, there is the equivalence of space and time and the mass conservation law, one part of the conservation laws. For this, the following is important: the falsification of the conversion from mass to energy, the so known mass defect. There is also a chapter about the Weltformel, in English better known as the theory of everything, the triad of physics. See also the article about the Equivalence of rotation speed and mass. Mathematically, there is an essay on division by zero. Therefore Yang-Mills theory can be confirmed. Google encouraged me to write something about Planck length, Planck time and the mass and momentum of a photon. In addition there is a beginning article about the structure of the universe and radioactivity. See also my thoughts on the superluminal speed. Enjoy yourself with my my crazy, but true ideas. Last but not least, look on my dedication.