Space-time continuum

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The continuum hypothesis is considered to be one of the greatest goods of the mathematician and physicist. He intuitively feels holes if space did not form a continuum. Max Planck was accordingly disillusioned with the discovery of Quantum Theory, in which the values ​​exist as discrete values, that is, as multiples of a quantum, a smallest unit.

Absolute theory can now even go there and combine both. As described under Number sets in physics, the natural numbers form the basis of physics. However, with a look at the Gaussian numbers one can see that the natural numbers can also be combined with the imaginary ones. And this is exactly where the absolute theory says that the Gaussian numbers form a continuum, because e.g. between 1 and 2 there are infinitely many imaginary numbers.

And this is exactly how the continuum hypothesis, which Einstein also upheld, can be combined with quantum theory.