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The topic of time flow, a big topic in Einstein's theory of relativity, is actually too simple to be able to believe the findings at first sight.

Route flow

What do you call it, in a little complicated way, when the route flows past you. Yes, you are moving, so you have a speed v = s / t.

Flow of time

So how should you define it when time is flowing by. Insert time instead of distance into the equation and calculate it. Time flow = t / t = +1. So you see with the restriction according to today's mathematics, where I'm not always sure and come up against limits, that the actual flow of time is always +1, that is, it is always developing.


You can see again that time has not been properly defined so far, you have to get involved with a three-dimensional time as well as with a three-dimensional space, a thesis that I derive from the equivalence of space and time. Of course, Einstein's theses are correct, that a certain part-time flow is sometimes slower and sometimes faster, proven by the experiment with the two clocks that circle the world in the opposite direction and then go at different speeds. But it does not hit the flow of time itself. I also believe that someday man will manage to build a time machine like in Back to the Future, but for Michael J. Fox, even if he flies back in time, life moves on. I also doubt that the universe will ever collapse on its own. I think it extends into all eternity, since time always goes forward and a piece of space is added per time, derived from the above equivalence of space and time.

Einstein time dilation

Einstein's time dilation is shown in the formula T (0) = T * root (1 - v² / c²). So the slowdown in the flow of time is the time course of the system at rest multiplied by the relativistic root. Here you see an interesting mathematical problem, as is so often the case with Einstein. For faster than light the flow of time goes over into the imaginary, not into the negative, so time travel would not be possible here. Based on physics I claim that the flow of time is not 0 even at speed of light. A photon will still have a minimum frequency, which would actually be excluded according to the formula. However, frequency means that it moves back and forth and can therefore measure time. The idea of ​​absolute theory is that at the speed of light the flow of time is elementary and that it only goes into the imaginary realm afterwards. Only at infinite speed would time stand still. But that also means - see article Infinity - with infinity greater than infinity (1) = 1 * infinite in the movement one could travel into the past as with Back to the future. Of course, when an object moves forward at infinite speed, it is in all places at the same time at the same time. If it moves faster, it is already there in the distant place before it even started. Interesting things can also be deduced from Einstein's equation to the effect that the root 0 is not zero because, as I said, the flow of time is minimal and elementary.


@astrodicticum, one of the leading science bloggers in German-speaking countries, has particularly criticized this article. He said, as long as I write articles like this, nobody takes me seriously. I have to defend myself against that. As I said, I also had a hard time with the simple t / t, but from the point of view of a mathematician this is not a problem. Then you notice more that @astrodicticum came to physics late and has no talent background, otherwise he would do not react so sharply. And the question of the constant expansion of the universe is a very big problem in physics, which I see as solved by this simple train of thought.