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The issue of flow of time, a major theme in Einstein's relativity theory, is actually too simple, as that one really can believe the findings immediately.

Flow of distance

What do you call it in somewhat complicated words, when the track flows past one. Yes, you are moving, therefore, has a velocity v = s / t.

Flow of time

How should we define it, then, if time flows past one. Time instead of distance used in the equation and calculate. Flow of time = t / t = +1. So you see, with the restriction according to today's mathematics, where I'm not always sure to frontiers, that the actual flow of time is always +1, it continues to evolve.


We see once again that the time has not been defined properly, it must be on a three-time dimensions as well as a three-dimensional space, a thesis which I derived from the equivalence of space and time. Of course, Einstein's theories are right, that goes a certain part of the flow of time sometimes slower and sometimes faster, proven by the experiment with the two clocks that orbit in an aircraft around the world in each other direction and then the clocks go at different speeds. This is true but not the flow of time itself. I also think that the human being at some point is able to build a time machine like in "Back to the future", however, moves even if he flies back in time for Michael J. Fox's the life further. I also doubt that the universe will collapse by itself ever again. I think it stretches up from all eternity, as time goes forward again and each time is always a piece of space as it is derived from the above equivalence of space and time.