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Welcome to my theory page. Here everyone is encouraged to cheat so-called modern physics. The articles that have received the most attention so far are Structure of the Universe, Weltformel, and Division by Zero. Newcomers should first read the Introduction for Newbies, which provides certain articles on which other insights are based. English visitors, if you want to make a Donation please, I would be more concentrated on science.

Recently The Ultimate Proof of mathematics can also be read here. It goes on and on in Physics, even after Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. If you are looking for the special pages, you can find the Equivalence of space and time, an important part of the Equivalences, and Conservation laws, including the Conservation of mass. The refutation of the conversion of mass into energy, the so-called mass defect, is also important for this. All articles on energy and mass are stored under the respective references. The article on E = mc², the most important formula in the world so far, is also available here. There is also a chapter on Weltformel, the triad of physics. I also recommend the chapter on Quantum Mechanics, a part of Quantum Theory, with a thought experiment. How to combine Quantum Theory and the continuum hypothesis, this essay shows briefly: space-time continuum. Mathematically, here is a little essay on Division by Zero and on Complex numbers. Google also gave me the idea to say something about Planck space, Planck time, about mass and momentum of a photon and the elemental mass. It is important to have a basic understanding of quantization.

Furthermore there are chapters about the structure of matter, about the metrics, and in the section experiments I will collect various possibilities of proving my theory. In addition, there is a short treatise on time flow and an essay on Structure of the Universe. Please also note my Essay together with Bernhard Hagen and an Abstract , which I actually wrote for a symposium, but it was rejected. All of this work solves a Millennium problem, Yang-Mill's theory, which is based on the fact that quantum particles have a mass and which has been confirmed by many experiments. I am also currently writing a brief essay on String Theory. In addition, I also refer to current topics: Hawking radiation, radioactive radiation, EPR theorem, faster than light of neutrinos and the Higgs boson . The absolute theory would also have an answer for the different directions of the Coriolis force on the hemispheres.

My basic idea in a nutshell is: The theoretical physics up to now has assumed that the Division by Zero is not defined. Accordingly, it continues to assume that photons have no or at least no defined mass. From this she concludes that there is no Conservation of mass. Here comes the idea that the whole thing should be approached the other way round, according to Albert Einstein's motto, no problem would be solved with the way of thinking with which it was created. The absolute theory thus takes the Conservation of mass as given. From this it follows mass and momentum of a photon. From this one can in turn derive the necessity of the definition of the Division by Zero. Have fun with my crazy but correct ideas. Finally, note my dedication. If you want to donate, my PayPal link is

Book recommendations

Absolutely recommendable book links, ordered and I get a little commission. All of them not difficult to read, and none of the descriptions are excessive.