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So, the absolute theory has first insights into the graviton. The graviton has always been required by quantum field theory to describe gravitation. Such a field theory would be called Quantum Gravity. It is the elementary particle of gravitational force. According to the considerations on elemental mass it has a mass below this. After recognizing that gravity is an attractive force, it means that when the graviton is sent out from the object that is attracting, that it definitely has negative mass. That is the only way to get a negative impulse or an attraction.

Mathematically, it is still controversial whether particles that are below the elemental mass, ie in the imaginary range, are ghost particles in physical reality like virtual particles or are negative. The absolute theory is still in the process of mathematical elaboration. Efforts to prove it also depend on it. However, the graviton definitely flies in its own gravitational field opposite to the gravitational field lines, accordingly it must necessarily be antimatter or have negative mass. This results from the Weltformel that brings electricity and gravity together. If it were antimatter, the electric field strength would be exactly the opposite. If the mass were negative, the field strength would also be exactly the opposite, unless antimatter and negative mass meet, then the field strength would again be as with normal matter.