Anti-proportionality of locomotion and mass

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As mentioned several times in this wiki, locomotion and rotation are related due to the equivalence of space and time. The photon, which moves with the speed of light, has no possibility to rotate due to the equivalence of space and time, but also according to Einstein's view that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. You can see that rotation and locomotion are anti-proportional. Accordingly, because of the equivalence of rotation speed and mass, mass and locomotion are inversely proportional.


A black hole rotates at the speed of light and therefore cannot move, it is an absolute fixed point in the universe. It unites an infinite amount of mass in one place. Movement is zero and mass is infinite. But you can also see it in us humans. Those who jog and exercise regularly are likely to be thinner and lighter than those who move less. It also follows that electrons, since they do not move at the speed of light, must have more mass than photons or the elemental mass. Accordingly, they must be made up of several quanta. More can be found under Structure of Matter.