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Albert Einstein worked in the last 20 years of his life on the Weltformel, the so known theory of everything. To him, this law should be a correlation of forces, in especially the gravitation and electrical force. I try another way. I look on the three basic units of mechanics. As there are space, time and mass. On this basic units, every law should be combinated.

equivalence of space and time

As I wrote in this wiki, space and time are equivalent measures, look after in equivalence of space and time. v = c ist true and s = t * c, too. Therefore the basic units space and time are put into correlation. Now, let's have a look at mass.

Partially falsification of the big bang theory

After the theory of big bang, the universe started at one point, but so said with a black hole, a point of infinte temprature, infinite enrgy and infinite mass. But that cannot be, for mass is proportional to n after the quantization of mass, too. So mass is equivalent to space and time, too. We can conclude from this, that at time 0 and there space 0, there must have been the mass 0, too. But for mass being proportional to space, massmust be three-dimensional ,too. So one main task is todefine mass with electricity and magnetism. At the equator of earth, the following is true:

vector(gravitational force) * vector (electrical force) = 0

vector(gravitational force) * vector (magnetical force) = 0

In that there is some geometry missing, when we leave equator: So the product of vector of mass and vector of charge be 0. So you see new mass must be defined as m = vector (m, Q, phi). The ementary unit of this measure must be: square (Plack elementary mass, elemetary charge, elementary magnetical flow):

Weltformel - the theory of everything

As in the equivalence of space and time, you can make these two units, space and time, proportional to mass, too. This is true: s = t * c = (Planck elementary length / Plack elementary mass) * m

So sad that there is no good constant so wide for elementary length divided by elementary mass such as c, the speed of light.


Therefore, now all basic units of the mks-system are brought together. From this correlation, all other units can be deducted. Main task for the future would be the identification of time and mass being three-dimensional. I think then everything in physics can be deducted.

Einsteins Weltformel

We Germans call theory of everything according to Einstein Weltformel. It's is just one equation that puts together electrical and gravitational phenomena. I found this equation. It is E = 4 Pi kg / Coloumb * g. Please not that E is not energy, but electrical field strength. So it says that an electrostatic field creates equivalent gravitational field.

Weltformel's proof

Lets begin with E=4Pi kg / Coloumb * g. It is the simpelst. You take Newtons gravity law and Coloumbs electrostatic field, the equations and put d^2 = d^2. So you get m * m / F(gravity) = const. * q * q / F(electrostatic). Now with F(gravity) = m * g and F(electrostatic) = q * E you get m / g = const. * q / E. So for earth surface you take charge and mass of earth. So you get on earth surface. E = const. * g. Const. I have computed for being 4 Pi kg / Coloumb.