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Albert Einstein spent 20 years of his life searching for the world formula. For him it was mainly the connection between forces, especially gravitational and electrical forces. In my opinion, however, one should think about the three basic quantities space (s), time (t) and mass (m). All equations are made up of these.

'Equivalence of space and time'

I have already written in this wiki that space and time are equivalent terms. We have v = c, or also s = t * c. The basic quantities space and time are already related to this. Now all that's missing is the mass.

'Refutation (in parts) of the big bang theory'

According to the big bang theory, the universe began at a point, but with a black hole, so to speak, i.e. a point of infinite temperature, infinite energy and infinite mass. But that can't be the case, the mass as well as space and time depend on n. Accordingly, mass is also an equivalent term to space and time. At point 0, the mass 0 must also have applied at time 0.

'Concept of mass - harmony between mechanics, electrics and magnetism'

This quantum theory of mass only applies to how we see mass at the moment. Since the mass would have to be three-dimensional in a world formula, the concept of mass has to be redefined. For example, you can see from the fields of the earth that the gravitational field of the earth is perpendicular to the magnetic field.

Even according to the three-finger rule, the motion field, electric field and magnetic field are each perpendicular. It is only too easy to assume that the following equations hold.

Gravitational force vector * Electric force vector = 0

Gravitational force vector * Magnetic force vector = 0

Of course, these two equations still have to be broken down to the geometry of the body, so e.g. a sin (alpha) can be incorporated, since if you look at the earth, the equation only applies to the equator. At the poles e.g. the magnetic field lines based on the gravitational lines.

A concept of mass m, charge Q and magnetic flux phi combined would then be conceivable. With the geometric restrictions of above, but as a vector (sin alpha * m, Q, phi). This physical term would be very interesting for anyone looking for an abstract explanation of things.

However, my friend Gregor pointed out to me that the earth's electric field is normal, as is the case with lightning, perpendicular, i.e. along the gravitational field lines. Then would apply

Vector of gravitational force * constant * vector of electric force = vector of gravitational force squared

I still have a lot of research to do, as I was convinced that with these three forces I could open it up in a Cartesian way. Accordingly, the magnetism should also be 2-dimensional, namely not only north-south, but also west-east. One of our experiments has shown that with the right structure you can turn the earth's magnetic field around without any problems. Then you can certainly manipulate it in such a way that where north is shown there is also the west. There is still a lot to do with the vectorial view. Any help will be gratefully accepted.

'World formula'

Just like with the equivalence of space and time one can now establish an equivalence of these two quantities with respect to mass. The following applies: s = t * c = Plank elementary length * n. According to the quantum theory of mass n = m / Plank elementary mass also applies. So the world formula applies:

's = t * c = (Plank elementary length / Plank elementary mass) * m'

If that's too mathematical for you, you can also make it physically clear. Ultimately, we measure time with a balance wheel, i.e. with a frequency. The higher the frequency, the more time we measure. So let's say for example 50 Hz is defined as one second on earth. Then we know when the balance has moved back and forth 50 times that a second has passed. If we now come to a system where the frequency is higher, i.e. moves back and forth 100 times in one earth second, we measure 2 seconds with our watch. This is also the basis of the time dilation, so the frequency is lower at high speed. Accordingly, we measure less time, which means that time passes more slowly. In any case, you can determine the proportionality between frequency and time.

You shouldn't be fooled by what we physicists have been doing for a long time, that the frequency has the unit 1 / sec, that is, that the time is in the denominator. Heinrich Hertz was so clever not to define the frequency as 1 by time, but as 1 by the period of circulation and was also so clever to give this period of circulation the letter capital T, not lower case t. This circulation time is actually inversely proportional to the time. Here is also the key to the three-dimensionality of time as described under Planck Time, namely that t = t1 * t2 / T, but my findings are still in their infancy.

Back to the proportionality of frequency and time. Since the frequency itself is equivalent to the energy according to E = hf and the energy in turn is equivalent to the mass according to E = mc², we can see that time and mass are definitely proportional, which is also evident. The older our universe gets, the more mass there is. In the world formula we even go so far that we assume the equivalence of time and mass and also the equivalence of space and mass. This ultimately says this world formula, which extends the space-time of Minkowski / Einstein by the mass or the equivalent energy. Minkowski himself held the equivalence of space and time as the basis of space-time for the world postulate.

Unfortunately there is still no catchy letter for this constant, Planck space through elementary mass, like for the speed of light. This can now also be calculated, since I estimated the elemental mass in the linked article to be 10 ^ -70.


Now, in the triad of physics, all three basic quantities of the mks system are related to each other and in connection. All other variables result from this connection. Unfortunately, there is still little research done, especially since time and mass are three-dimensional just like space. For the time there is at least the power where it is divided by t³, i.e. by a three-dimensional time. This is where the approach is to really derive the equations by first breaking down the time and the mass. But I'm not that far yet: o)

'Einstein's world formula'

Einstein's world formula is ultimately different from mine, but now I also have a wonderful idea. Actually, I have known the solution for years since Feynmann spoke about the strange analogy of Coloumb's law of attraction of electrical charges and Newton's law of gravitation in his book "On the Nature of Physical Laws". The transformations have only made little sense so far. But now I've transformed it so far. Both laws have d² in the denominator. Then one can dissolve and equate. Then you can transform it to such an extent that

'Q = constant * (E / a) * m'

or for the world:

'Gravitational acceleration g (0) = electric field strength E / charge Q * mass m'

is. Since we assume that the earth's mass and charge are relatively constant, we get

'Gravitational acceleration g = constant g (e) * field strength E'

Now we have to calculate the constant, let's call it g (e), as the gravitation of electricity. After the transformations g (e) is: Coloumb constant k (c) * charge of the earth / Newton's gravitational constant * mass of the earth.

g (e) = 8.987551787 * 10 ^ 9 Vm / As * 6 * 10 ^ 5 Cb / (6.67384 10 ^ -11 m³ / kg * sec² * 5.972 * 10 ^ 24 kg)

'g (e) = 13.5299772573 V * m * sec / Cb * sec / (m³ / sec²) = 4 Pi V * sec² / Cb * m² = 4 Pi Ohm * sec / m² = 10 ^ 7 / epsilon (0) * c² Ohm * sec / m² = 10 ^ 7 my (0) Ohm * sec / m² '

That means overall with constant charge and acceleration one can change the mass by changing the electric field strength. I'm going to try it out with a friend now. It would be fun if we could make things float faster than the billion dollar Cern with its Higgs particle.

In short, the law is:

Gravitational acceleration g * magnetic field constant my * 10 ^ 7 = electric field strength E and even shorter:

g * my (0) * 10 ^ 7 = E

It's getting better and better here :-)

The equation thus applies on the earth's surface 'g * 4 Pi kg / Coloumb = E' , where, as I said, E does not mean the energy but the electric field strength Accordingly, if you switch off the electric field strength locally on earth, you would have to make things float. An experiment based on this is planned.

In retrospect, the connection is actually quite clear again. With constant mass and charge of the sun e.g. and the earth in the solar system does not care what the distance between the two is, the relationship between gravitational force and electrical force remains the same. The experiment wants to make use of this connection on the earth's surface by minimizing the local electrical force or by turning it around in order to make objects float or fall upwards. It will look like magic, but it isn't.

'World formula and planetary movements'

This is what a quantum gravity could look like. The moon would only fall gravitationally on us. But since it also has an electric and magnetic field, which on the side facing us has the same charge and the same magnetic poles as our side facing it, it is always directed past the earth to the right and left. If there was only gravity, it would immediately fly towards us. The same with earth and sun. With only gravity, the sun would devour us directly; we would fall straight into it like an apple from a tree. However, since we apparently have the same charge and the same north-south orientation as the sun, although these poles are opposite each other, we circle around the sun because we are deflected. When I was a child I had train wagons as toys that could be connected to one another with magnets. If you connected blue and red for north and south, they were chained together. At some point we got bored and tried to bring north and north together. That doesn't work, you get closer to 2 cm and then slide left or right, depending on which twist you have. This would also mean that light is negatively charged. The glow of the sun and the resonance glow of the earth would repel each other so that the elliptical movement would occur.

'World formula and movement in the atom'

The same applies to the atom, but you have to be careful here. The proton actually appears to be an antiparticle. This antimatter has the same properties as its partner, only that the charge is reversed. Since positrons move upwards in the gravitational field, I assume that the electric field strength E is reversed in the case of antiparticles. But that would mean that they would exert the same electrical force as their partners. In other words, the proton would be positively charged, but would attract positive charges like a negatively charged antiproton. And it would repel negative charges. This would explain why so many protons gather in the nucleus, namely that they would gravitationally and electromagnetically attract each other. There should be a lot of collisions. On the other hand, the orbit of the electron could be explained because it is gravitationally attracted by the core, but then electrically repelled like the earth around the sun, so that there would be these typical right and left movements as in the magnetic wagons of my childhood described. Probability equations would no longer be needed, but could be determined cleanly. And all forces with gravitational, electric and magnetic arrows. Weak and strong nuclear power are then no longer necessary.