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Insights gained of this wiki results in a modified picture of our universe. world formula and conservation laws have a direct impact on the structure of our universe and its history.

The start

In the Bible it is already written that God created the universe out of nothing. Accordingly believes the Big Bang theory. However, it is assumed that in the beginning was quite a hot spot, in which all matter and energy was saved. This may not be after the Weltformel, since space, time and mass are equivalent terms. So must have been true at one time after nothing, the space 1 and the mass 1.

Center of the universe

According to Albert Einstein, the universe has no center. However, he builds not up his theory on that, but he says it obiter dictum. With the Big Bang theory the cosmologists are in serious trouble. The universe began at a point, and it expands. They have Möbius strips or other reckless geometries to rescue Einsteins belief that it has no center.

After the absolute theory of the universe has a center in any case. The origin of the universe, now settled away with a black hole beyond our imagination, that is also the origin of a coordinate system that can be set to measure the universe. Relative to this origin of all that all is absolute. This results in particular from the equivalence of space and time. The spatial origin is also the time origin. Our speed in the universe is absolute relatively to the center of this measure. We move namely with the earth around the sun, the sun around the center of the Milky Way, the galaxy around higher formations. All these rates have to be added to the absolute velocity. The question of whether there are multiverses, and whether this structure in turn has a center remains unaffected.


I was fascinated from the beginning by the idea of ​​the multiverse, namely that it is not just one universe but many. The conservation laws lay close to such a presumption. Remain space, time and mass obtained, accordingly, it must give each positive and negative forms of these quantities. Imagine our universe could have a twin universe. In our universe, the basic variables are all positive, while in the parallel universe all sizes are negative. Does this now mean that in the twin universe time runs backwards, and everything is upside down. Not at all. I am in the twin universe, so there are all sizes for me positive and the negative values ​​are settled in my old universe. God is already a great genius! This theory is not limited to two universes, but can be extended to parallel universes in infinitely many pairs.

Expansion of the universe

The expansion of the universe after the Big Bang, physicists have been busy for a long time. They look for a force which causes the expansion. More recent theories explain it with dark matter and dark energy, an energy that we can not see but which is available. 2011 it was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Based on the observations of supernovae, strong arguments for the dark matter were found. Also here you go now not compliant with Einstein. He had introduced into his equations, the so-called cosmological constant, a construct to explain the expansion of the universe. Later he rejected this. The Nobel Prize work, however, suggests that the cosmological constant must exist and that the expansion of the universe is still accelerating. The absolute theory needs no dark matter to explain the expansion of the universe is. To speak with Heidegger, German philosopher of his characters and, unfortunately, Nazi, the being of beings happens in the nothing-do of nothing. Ultimately the absolute theory does not believe that the nothing does anything. But however, this statement is very well applicable to the universe. The universe is expanding into nothingness. A place of absolute zero of temperature. It actually occurs that space is the wrong word , for after the Weltformel there is only place if there mass flows into it. However, this would explain the expansion of the universe thermodynamically. The universe is expanding from the warm places in the cold in order to compensate for this. This is the same as when I open a window in my apartment in the winter. The warm air flows out and levels off with the cold air. Thermodynamically warm air flows always in the direction of cold air to equalize. Just aim the universe expanding outward a little warm in the direction of the void in which there is absolute zero of temperature. It can be explained without dark energy, the forces that can expand our universe.

Future of the universe

There are three theories or suggestions as to how the evolution of the universe continues. On the one hand, it is assumed that it extends into all eternity, then there is the opinion that it expands until this development is over and then collapses. Third, it is assumed that the expansion has become more and more attenuated until the universe reaches a fixed size. The decision of this question has been made of the density-dependent.

The absolute theory assumes that the time flow is constant +1. Accordingly, time is running forward continuously. After the equivalence of space and time space and time to develop in parallel. Accordingly, expanding at a time flow of +1, the universe is always ongoing, and this development will never come to a standstill. But remember the time is three-dimensional and redefined. Read more at Planck time

Equivalence of space and time and structure of the universe

The question is whether infinity has a center or not.

And when it has no center there would be no directions.

Black hole in the center of the universe is rotating or at least vibrating with c, so it cant move forward. And no directions means isotropic and we know better. We measured background radiation of the universe and it is not isotropic.

You got to imagine the universe as an atom. So you have very much matter (maybe dark) inside the center And if you take it four dim you have big bang as a frame of reference So we need to look where big bang was.

At least i showed that big bang theory and Einsteins cosmological principle are contradictory Yeah and you know i am Christian too and bible says there is a beginning what is contradictory to Einsteins cosmological principle I say it began with zero. God created future and past as two twin universes so E stays zero. That is first touch of creation.

We need more mathematical efforts to solve this. We take zero as the middle of coordinates. Maybe that is a fault.

If you take the universe as atom it has a core and that could be absolute frame of reference. The question is whether infinity has a middle like zero point in coordinates. And by now, i say yes, or even we could not exclude so we should do research

Suns movement and every movement

Sun is moving with c too. So because we move more forward than the sun, because we take movement of sun and earth and our own movement. So velocity is less absolutely seen, so frequency and energy must be higher v=c is maybe a little bit wrong formulated, maybe you can help. If you define v as velocity or moving forward you have v^2 + f^2 * Planck length^2 = c.