Conversion from mass to energy

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It is simply wrong that I contribute an article on conversion from mass to energy in this wiki, because this conversion is non-existing. Therefore in this article, it deals with the disproof.

History and fission

For the fission as for the fusion this conversion is consumed in physical history, the so known mass defect. But that can't be true seen from the absolute perspective of E = m * c², substantiated by the equivalence of space and time. According to this, the mass conservation law is true and therefore mass cannot be lost. The theory of mass defect comes from a wrong interpretation of the equation E = m * c². It is so interpretated in mass defect, that mass 1 in a reaction is converted to an energy 1. Mathematically complete false!


Mathematically the correct equation would be, if mass could be converted to energy, E + m = const. in a closed system. So you have a energy one and a mass 0, and after the reaction you have the energy 0 and the mass 1, so the sum would be constant in this closed system. Of course the equation is true, only without the interpretation, as we have the energy conservation law and the mass conservation law, therefore E + m = const. + const = const. is true. So far, so good! This is a widespread interpretation also known in american wikipedia. But you got to look more precisely. Let's take the complete induction.

Complete induction and proof by falsification

Take a look at the case that energy is 1 and mass is 1, so E = m * c² is fulfilled. We assume c being 1 on that. So we take the first induction step. After the mass defect mass would be zero and energy would be 2. So we put that into E = m * c ². Then there stands 2 = 0. But that is false, so our first induction step for the mass defect fails. This is a contradiction to mathematics.


So we have proven by contradiction: mass cannot be converted to energy. The theory on mass defect is completly false. Mass and energy are two mappings of the same thing.